Our mission today is to choose and assemble talented Divi designers to work on the DiviNation.tech team.

We want to be able to serve people (like me- a 70 year old tech latecomer with big Internet ambitions) who would like to have their own Divi WordPress websites, do most of the work on it themselves, and when they get in a jam have someone to help them quickly, efficiently- and at a reasonable price.

What will allow us to make this enterprise profitable is WordPress’ vast array of widgets, plug-ins, huge online support network- together with Divi’s intuitive design, ease and speed. If we can offer efficient specialized help, accounted to the minute- we can charge a good price, pay everyone who works for us well and give the client a bargain at the same time.

Come with us, we’ll be your guide.

“Once you get beyond the trees, everything opens up…”