School Zone

Six minute movie, “School Zone” created with PowerPoint, enhanced with Premiere Pro

The first column is audio/text in perfect synch, the second column is the image/graphic/still photo.

The third column is imbedded links to learn more.


Text,captions and audio                                                                  Image/graphic       link

This video is to demonstrate a new online education tool              textbook

Establish proof-of-concept                                                            onscreen text book

raise money and volunteers to develop the app.                          People working at computers

create the hardware                                                                      Keyboard

Which will enable millions of teachers to create billions

of effective online lessons at “warp speed”.

Using Wikipedia articles, onscreen links                                      Wikipedia article

Students can learn at their own pace                                           kids studying online

Earn credits, get certifications.                                                      online “report card”

Enable an applicant to tell a potential employer                          interview scene

“I got an A in Geometry!”                                                             interview scene

And prove it on the spot.                                  “Math 10 Geometry 92%, 6/2021” on smartphone

Custom remediate lost school time efficiently                             kid studying online

equalize educational opportunity.                                                african village/ smartphone


The first task is to learn how to read.                                            Textbook

To read words, identify symbols, and understand numbers.        graphic

STOP                                                                                            image stop sign

speed limit 20 miles per hour                                                       image speed limit sign

School Zone.image                                                                      school zone sign

to read quickly, efficiently,                                                           speed limit 100 mph

using the latest technology                                                         evelyn wood reading movie

a new world is opened up.                                                          chinese market image

not just for school kids                                                                old person on computer

Anyone of any age can click on a button                                     wikipedia article w/ button

embedded in every Wikipedia article which has a lesson attached      click on button

and get on the road to a new life.                                                      diploma

whether they can read, or not                                                           preschooler on computer

and stop off anywhere along the way to explore new things.           click on link


First, you plug the special “School Zone” keyboard into your computer.   keyboard image

or into a USB port to a library computer LAN                                             image USB port

With Online access.                                                                                    image Google

It can be a smartphone                                                                              img. handheld

A Chrome Book                                                                                          img. ChromeBook

A lap top                                                                                                   img. laptop

a desk top                                                                                                  img, desktop

It can be new or old                                                                                   omg old apple

Broadband, or not.                                                                                    img smartphone africa

private or public                                                                                        img. library


The “school zone” app is embedded in the special keyboard                   keyboard

The keyboard’s features                                                                          close up keyboard

play, stop, back one, back to start, next,

finish, search, take test, change audio, etc                                               keyboard with hand


First you log on with your email address and a password                       just me@

If you want academic credit, you can log on with your computer’s camera   [email protected]

for retinal/facial ID                                                                                     melogin@

to be sure the right person gets the credit.                                               image “Me”


make audio voice choices.                                                                         “change audio” key on keyboard

All your choices are computer generated.                                                  voices choice

You can choose Steven Hawking’s voice                                                  image Hawking, unable to speak

Barack Obama’s                                                                                       movie obama

Oprah Winfrey’s                                                                                        movie oprah

Morgan Freeman’s                                                                                    movie morgan

John Kennedy’s  “ask not”                                                                            movie JFK

Franklin Roosevelt’s  “all we have to fear”                                                     movie FDR

Donald Trump’s                                                                                              movie Barney

or Barney’s                                                                                                     movie Trump

you can even choose your own voice!                                                           computer camera


To choose your own voice                                                      computer camera                        dragon naturally speaking

You read aloud a specially prepared text                               Gettysburg address

Takes just a few minutes

And the computer can turn any text into your own voice.

Or your mother’s, or your father’s,

or you can create a completely new voice

perfect for people with hearing disability

tuned to your preferred volume and frequency

noise buffered out

All to make it easiest for you to hear and understand the audio.

You will also be able to choose abbreviated audio, or no audio.

You can read 10x faster than you can talk,

sometimes audio can’t keep up

learn faster in quiet


“T- bot” is an online teacher robot,

a chat-bot tutor, just for you.

designed to interface between the student and the curriculum. 

choose voice, text font and color, background color, and other features.

To make education as engaging as a video game

as easy as watching TV, but a lot more fun

It comes pre-set with Steven Hawking’s voice,                                          young Hawking

black Helvetica font, white background-                                                     font samples

and if you like that, don’t change it.                                                            keyboard

try it, change it any time.                                                                              keyboard

You’ve now created your custom teacher-bot.

You might even see a talking head                                                           Obama

(or mouth) on a split screen                                                                      Obama’s mouth movie

so you can lip-read,  or sign, it it helps                                                      signing


Next we’ll do some sample lessons

for a preschooler, analogous to mother reading to a child

1  One  (lion) “can you say “one”” can you say “one lion?”                      lion

2  Two (elephants)                                                                                  two elephants

3  Three (bears)                                                                                    three polar bears



For Kindergarden

Aa  big “Ayy”, little a, “ah”  “I have a ball” “any you say “A” “can you say “a ball?” Aa

B  “My Ball is A Cat Ball”                                                                            Bb

C” “ the cat ball has a Dent”                                                                       Cc

D                                                                                                                 Dd



For Elementary school – spanish

“Hola” Hello                                                                   greeting

“Adios” Goodbye                                                           waving

“aqui” here                                                                     pointing

“alli” there                                                                       pointing

“gato” male cat                                                                  lion

“gata” female cat                                                                   lioness

“nino” boy                                                                           boy

“nina” girl                                                                           girl

“como esta usted?” how are you, formal                            image a child talking to an adult

“como estas?” how are you, familiar                               image two kids talking

“bien, gracias, y usted?”  “fine, thanks, and you?”formal              image child addressing an adult

bien gracias, y tu?

etc                                                               image two children


Demonstration lessons

For grade school english

For High school trigonometry

For trade school physics newton mechanics

For college  biology DNA

For law school Fourth Amendment

For med School COVID-19


that is what it looks like from the “user” end,

accessible through many devices


now let’s go to the “server” side

where teachers create lessons, and curriculum

This is the hard part- build the app

so teachers can create lessons from Wikipedia

Why Wikipedia?

Open source, no copyrights needed

already linked and organized

schools can change from typical brick and mortar classrooms, with school buses, teachers

desks, classes, lockers 

to wifi hotspot libraries walking distance from home

or from home, or away from home

from anywhere.

go to school, get credits, even earn money

which you can spend on anything

just by learning.


Teachers can earn money by generating lessons

which can be peer reviewed

and accepted for accreditation

and included in a curriculum.

Anyone can create the lesson,

but it must be peer reviewed by accredited teachers before posting/payment.

And only an accredited teacher can edit the lesson, in the “wiki” fashion.

For which he may be compensated.

Thousands of lessons can be generated and edited simultaneously

With millions working on the project

A world wide free and accredited school system can be created

in a hundred languages

in the blink of an eye.

accessible from anywhere,

any time.

by anyone.

90 frames, six minutes@ 4 seconds/frame